An exclusive offer for students wanting to undertake personal training.

Mindful of the budget constraints students face, the price is kept permanently low to allow them to train with their friends (between 4 – 6 students) at affordable rates and still have some left over to support that student way of life.  Also focusing on well-being to assist with the pressures that studying can bring.

Student Fitness Rates

Taking indoor cycling to the next level. Incorporating the use of lightweight dumbbells on the spin bike. Participants are taken through a creative choreographed routine encompassing all terrains (hill-climbs, sprints, hovers etc) whilst alternating between upper body exercises that focus on ‘high rep – low weight’. An upbeat high energy playlist motivates and pushes all participants. A class to challenge all fitness levels to their limits and beyond!

My personal interpretation of the aerobic boxing conditioning blueprint created by four times world champion Ricky Hatton. As an advanced instructor for the Hatton Boxing Academy, my classes focus on disciplined technique using gloves and pads whilst involving high intensity interval training (HIIT). A ‘must have’ for those lacking stamina, upper body strength, power and looking for immediate stress relief.

Bootcamps combine cardio with resistance training using bodyweight and selected equipment improving both the aerobic and anaerobic training zones simultaneously.

Sessions focus on timed interval exercises to allow all participants to reach maximum effort irrespective of pre-existing fitness levels to ensure maximum results are achieved.  Everyone taking part has one common goal: a desire to be more fit and healthy. You will start to feel the positive benefits immediately after your first session.

My Corporate Well-being Programme brings my services to your office, making it highly accessible to all your employees at all levels within the company. Utilising any internal/external space you might have to deliver high quality fitness and well-being activities to your employees at a convenient time of day.

Maximising on attendance and minimising on downtime whilst improving staff retention and productivity.

FiT4POLE is a bespoke online training programme designed for pole dancers to help them ‘be stronger for longer’.  After many months of observation and in depth discussions with friends and contacts in the pole fitness industry, I identified a common need. A desire to be able to stay on the pole for longer and learn to engage with certain muscles.

FiT4POLE is also available as a group workshop, providing 1-2-1 and semi-private PT sessions at an additional cost. We are very proud to be ‘Gold Sponsors’ for the annual Pole World Festival.

Fitness and Well-being

Five reasons to participate in our Fitness and Well-being services:

Improve your mood and concentration levels
Build your confidence
Improve your social circle
Have fun and feel great
Become accountable to someone else

Our personal training packages provide a bespoke approach to fitness and wellbeing for each individual client and delivers high energy focused sessions that are motivational and tailored to your needs and are as individual as you are.

Expect fun, friendly and focused sessions that get you the results you want.

1-2-1 / Couples / Semi-Private / Online PT available