My own story is testament to the positive influences exercise brings to a person’s life and how regular fitness can completely transform someone’s world in a very short time-frame with results that can last a lifetime. I started the Metaphysique brand at the beginning of 2017. Having experienced an unexpected episode in my personal life, I quickly found sanctuary in the gym environment. I then took a huge risk and decided to leave my secure, well paid career in PA/Office Management which spanned some 15 years and qualified as a personal trainer.


Our mission is to deliver a portfolio of high quality personal training – fitness and well-being services that are inclusive, fun, affordable and guarantee results.   Our clients requirements are our most important focus and we strive to assist them to achieve and surpass their personal fitness goals in every way possible.

Our goal is simple. To ensure that Metaphysique continues to grow, influencing positive change and through reputation become one of the most popular providers of personal training and wellbeing within the fitness industry in the southwest.


Level 3 – Advanced Personal Trainer
Level 3 – Advanced Fitness Testing
Level 3 – Nutrition and Weight Loss Management
Level 3 – Exercise Referral
Level 3 – Exercise Pre and Post Natal Women
Level 2 – Gym Instructor
Level 2 – Exercise to Music Instructor
Level 2 – Adapting Exercise for Young People

Hatton Boxing Academy Advanced Instructor
Studio Cycling Instructor
Kettlebells Instructor
Circuits Instructor
TRX Suspension Training Instructor
Extreme Interval Fitness Instructor (HIIT)




We are passionate about delivering Inclusivity. We are ambassadors of fun and friendliness and focus on the client experience just as much as the content itself. We help to forge friendships in a non-judgemental, highly supportive environment which makes us rather unique.
Guarantee Results
We fully appreciate that the journey ahead won’t be easy. We also know that hard work pays off! We don’t give up and we definitely don’t let our clients give up either. We are proud to have a high success rate with clients continually surpassing their fitness goals.
We pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible. We invest 100% into every single client experience however long or short. We are advocates of providing variety, consistency and continuity to all of our fitness and wellbeing services.
Through positive influencing and continuous motivation, our focus remains firmly fixed on guaranteeing results – fast! Self-esteem increases week on week as our clients become aware of their own true potential. Realising they can and will succeed!.
What our clients have to say
Pauline Dix
Department Manager at M&S

“Richard started off as my PT but ended up being a very good friend.  A long story made short – I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 aged 58.  I had chemotherapy, mastectomy & radiotherapy I was put on a waiting list to have breast reconstruction, but I needed to be fit, strong & mentally ready for the operation.  Richard has worked with me for 9 months and got me to where I needed to be.  I had my 9-hour operation 5 weeks ago aged 60.   Richard’s training that has made me stronger physically & mentally meaning my recovery will not take so long.”

Anita Kaur
Trainee Accountant

“I gained weight due to health and personal reasons and it was becoming an issue for me.  I met Rich at Pure Gym and he has changed my mind-set. I have done his boot camp, BoxXPHiiT, PT and I have a loyalty card for SpinSANITY. I feel confident, fitter, I can move faster and I can see a change in my body shape and I don’t feel conscious of my weight anymore.  Rich has taught me to be patient as I wanted weight to drop of as soon as I worked out. I feel confident and comfortable with Rich as he is passionate and cares, he sees my weight loss as if it were his own. He is supportive and motivating and I’m glad I met him.”

Gemma Cronin

“Rich is fantastic! I love his SpinSANITY classes, always a real challenge but you know he’s working just as hard as you. The music is great too! He is really approachable and friendly and it’s clear he loves what he does and wants to get great results from you. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their fitness!”

Sandra Hall
Head of Sales, Cadburys

“As an avid fitness fan I was always sceptical about what PT could give me on top of my regular studio class and gym sessions.  However, I decided to give it a go and chose Rich to do my PT sessions.  A new starter in the world of fitness, with a charming personality and big bold ideas.  I have now been training with Rich for the last three months and I’m hooked!  Rich has helped me achieve results I never knew were possible. He pushes me to achieve my own fitness goals, tailoring sessions and programmes for me and me only!  What I learn in PT I apply when exercising on my own or in group sessions…hence stretching the benefits of Rich’s knowledge and expertise”

George Henson

“As a gym newbie, I was unsure about how to make best use of the new equipment and limited time available. Richard has made training safe and a good laugh, whilst still pushing me to new levels of ability; with a programme of efficiently tailored workouts to suit my fitness goals and availability. I would happily recommend his PT guidance and support to colleagues who might be nervous of using the gym or doing themselves more harm than good, but who enjoy having the mick taken whilst simultaneously pushing their fitness boundaries.”

Jenny Bouquet
Tandem Skydiving Instructor

“I came to Richard with the very specific and seemingly to me, out of reach target of getting strong enough to become a tandem skydiving instructor. The workouts he tailored for me were tough but his enthusiasm, motivation and energy kept me going and even made it fun. With Richard’s help I built strength I never thought possible, smashed my target and qualified as an instructor. Thanks!”

Stefan Peat-Pordage
Mortgage Advisor

“I’ve never felt more confident than after Rich’s classes. There is an attention to detail that is unique compared to other PT’s and instructors, and for that reason I return week after week.”

Hilary O’Shaughnessy

“Rich is a sincere, enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable trainer. His classes are fun, well designed, and inclusive. Highly recommended.”

Rich Carter
Environment Agency
Operations - National Services

“I’ve seen a significant improvement in my physique and level of fitness since I started training with Rich one year ago. Regular reviews document progress and it’s fantastic to look back at the evidence to see what we’ve achieved.   Whether it’s personal training or a leading a group activity, Rich is an encouraging and motivational instructor who gets the best out of his clients. Working together to make progress on health and fitness is also building confidence and improving my general wellbeing and mental health.”


Metaphysique’s classes and group activities are designed for people of all abilities with one common goal – the desire to improve self and build a healthy and fit lifestyle. Richard’s inclusive approach brings a diverse range of people together and enables a team spirit and enjoyable sessions.   All Metaphysique activities are carefully planned and expertly delivered to get the best out of the participants. The client’s health and safety always comes first. I know everyone is in safe hands and Rich has the expertise and capacity to manage almost any scenario.”